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About MONO JAPAN Japanese Design & Crafts Fair 2022

MONO JAPAN Fair came back in September 2022, at a new location LOODS6 in Amsterdam.
Once again, we have introduced carefully curated selection of modern Japanese artisanal products and makers to the Dutch and European audiences.

Despite the difficult travel situation, Japanese exhibitors have traveled from Japan to join us in the Netherlands. We also had some local Dutch and Japanese brands and makers joining us for the event. Each will be exhibiting and selling their unique products in person. These three days is a chance to experience MONO JAPAN's motto "Buy things directly from the makers". You have a chance to meet Japanese craft makers and learn about their unique manufacturing techniques. You see the “relationship between objects and ourselves” from a different perspective than we typically experience in the Netherlands.


ALIMANO, C&, COCOROSTORE, HARADASHOKODO, Haruka Matsuo, KYO-TO-TO, Laku Terai, mature ha., POLS, PYYLE, Shiori Ono - Tokyo Zokei University 'Tsubomi Collection', Transcape Supply, Synergiez - Chikara Kojima x Oita Future Bamboo Project, Yamanashi Textile Association

ART Exhibition
Annelinde De Jong, Mae Engelgeer, Martina Huynh & Jonas Althaus (studio Cream on Chrome) and Satomi Minoshima & Pauline Agustoni, Naotsugu Hashimoto, Yumiko Yoneda

MJ AIR Exhibition
Sekishu Washi x Jonas Althaus, Yoshida Shingi Shozoku x Maryam Kordbacheh, Aizu Lacquerware x Pao Hui Kao, Kanai Kougei x Paul Beumer, Chikara Kojima x Studio Nienke Hoogvliet

Bamboo papermaking workshop, Chashaku workshop, Flower workshop,  Kigata Banko Workshop(Making teacup with Japanese puzzled wooden mould), Japanese tea ceremony (Gyokuro green tea), Onion Shio-koji workshop, Let’s play Japanese chess with Shogito!, Mud dye workshop, Small bamboo flower basket weaving workshop

Dorozome: the art of mud-dyeing, Innovative Washi, Preserving Japanese art with Japanese crafts: generations of professionals and materials, Bamboo forest degradation in Japan and Sustainable Design, Family Business Innovation Lab Presents “Inherited Family Business Tradition x Dutch Design” Collaboration talk on expanding the business into the European market

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