Thank you for applying for the 2019 MONO JAPAN Artist in Residence Programme!
The residents are finally selected as follows;

-Pao Hui Kao (Urushi laquerware)
-Jonas Althaus (Washi paper)
-Maryam Kordbacheh (Shinto priest uniform)

MONO JAPAN Artist in Residence


MONO JAPAN is launching an Artist in Residence programme to promote cultural collaborations between traditional craftspeople and creative designers. We will send three designers based on traditional Japanese craftsmanship for two months so that they can have a first-hand experience with highly valued Japanese craftsmanship.

We hope that the results from these collaborations will create a new 'Netherlands x Japan' brand that will increase the visibility of Dutch art and design in the Japanese cultural sector, and vice versa.

The three craftspeople work in:

  • Urushi lacquerware in Fukushima
  • Washi paper making in Shimane
  • Traditional tailoring for Shinto priest costume in Kyoto

There was an open call for this competition from November 1st to December 31st, 2018.
Three winners will be chosen by Mono Japan 2019 from a shortlist prepared by MONO JAPAN.


The jury for the MONO JAPAN Artist in Residence programme is:
- studio INAMATT
- Studio Samira Boon
- Ryutaro Yoshida (Director of TIME & STYLE)
- Emiko Chujo (Director of MONO JAPAN)

This programme is supported by:
- Creative Industries Fund NL
- Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands




MJ AIR Public presentation by finalists

Date & Time : February 1 (Fri) 13:00 - 15:30
Location : Lloyd Zaal

The ten finalists of the MJ AIR programme will give a public presentation during MONO JAPAN.
They will introduce themselves, and present their plans and idea for this programme.
The final decision of the winners will be based on these presentations, with studio INAMATT, Studio Samira Boon, Ryutaro Yoshida (TIME & STYLE) and Emiko Chujo (Director of MONO JAPAN) acting as the jury.
Following the MONO JAPAN 2019’s theme ‘GET INVOLVED!’, the visitors will also have a opportunity to vote for the final selection during MONO JAPAN 2019.

List of the finalists:

(Urushi lacquerware)
Adelaide Lala Tam
Marlou Rutten
Pao Hui Kao
Tijmen Smeulders

(Washi paper)
Alan Nguyen / Enrica Masi
Jonas Althaus
Sofie Leenen

(Shinto priest uniform)
Maryam Kordbacheh
Sarah van der Wilk
Ting Gong


MJ AIR Introduction


Location: Room4

This room gives an introduction to our newly launched Artist in Residence programme. We will also show the finalists’ presentations on a screen. Looking through the presentations, MONO JAPAN visitors can vote for the final selection of the winners with the voting box placed in this room. When the jury make their final decision before the end of February, they will take these votes into account.