This week, we had our 4th meetings of the two creative pairs. Our first pair is Paul Beumer & Yukihito Kanai and the second pair is Chikara Kojima & Studio Nienke Hoogvliet.

The first 2 meetings for both pairs were introductions from the Japan side, by Yukihito Kanai and Chikara Kojima. The 3rd meeting was the introductions from Dutch creators. What MONO JAPAN is happy with, is that these chosen pairs have big respect for each other making the collaboration rise to the next level. We feel that we have made the best match for this Online AIR project.


MJ ONLINE AIR / Pair 1 / Paul Beumer x Yukihito Kanai


The YouTube video of session 1 of the creative pair 1 (Paul & Yukihito)


Already from the first online meeting, Paul was inspired by Yukihito's introduction of the studio-workshop. When he saw the layer of mold covering the liquid dye, he suggested placing them on a textile. Kanai was also pleased with this speedy yet free-thinking attitude, and we were already able to see some progress at the second meeting. 

Seeing the brick-coloured reddish-brown appearing on the textile which resembles a Rorschach test-like figure, Beumer immediately said, "Let's place the foams formed during the indigo dye process." as if painting the colours freely onto the canvas. New homework to work with was quickly given to Kanai. This pair has quite a high degree of resonance from the beginning and their common attitude of mutual trust and enjoying intuitive challenges develops fun and exciting dialogues for every online session.

During their 4th meeting this week, they had created a rough plan for the future. The textile with dye from mold and indigo foam looks very interesting, and they will keep experimenting further with mud and other plant dyes. Kanai will be experimenting with the textile on wood as well as covering textile with paper. They want to see if dyes are stained into wood and paper, and are expecting to develop something new using different materials.



MJ ONLINE AIR / Pair 2 / Chikara Kojima & Studio Nienke Hoogvliet

This pair has a lot of stories to tell. Chikara Kojima is a young Bamboo Crafts Artist. Through his ways of thinking, research and analysis of bamboo crafts, the materials and history of bamboo, his extensive knowledge of bamboo was presented in their first two meetings. It was a wonderful content deepening the Dutch creator’s understanding and fascination of bamboo as material as well as the social problems regarding bamboo in Japan.

The third meeting was presented by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet about their ongoing projects. Shared with beautifully documented photographs, problems were raised with corresponding ideas and solutions for each project. Consistent with every project is their strive for sustainability. Sustainability will be the key when working with the bamboo material in this collaboration.

The two designers, Nienke and Tim, wanted to see and touch the various Japanese bamboo introduced by Kojima. MONO JAPAN arranged the samples which are on their way with the kind support from Kojima. In addition, with the cooperation of Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden which showcases many Japanese traditional crafts, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet will tour the various bamboo items in their collection*. We have received permission to film their tour at the Museum Volkenkunde so please stay tuned!

The 4th meeting was a dialogue of many questions from Kojima about the presentation of Studio Nienke Hoogvliet and vice versa. It was a very motivating meeting, with everyone agreeing to continue even if the number of meetings may exceed the originally planned 10 meetings. Studio Nienke Hoogvliet sees many potentials of bamboo as a natural material.

* The visit of Museum Volkenkunde is postponed due to the situation of COVID-19.


MONO JAPAN is working hard to share these contents of the meetings online!


Stichting MONO JAPAN, received a grant 'Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration’ from Creative Industries Fund NL, also The Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands decided to support us for our new program "MJ ONLINE AIR".

Please check more details of MJ ONLINE AIR from here