MJ AIR 2019 - Residents starts their stay in Japan


3 Dutch residents in Japan, week 1

After exciting presentations of the finalists at MONO JAPAN 2019, we welcomed Pao Hui Kao, Jonas Althaus, and Maryam Kordbacheh as our first residents of MJ AIR.
The three designers flew and arrived at 3 different locations in Japan after months of preparations and communications with the locals.

Pao Hui Kao is staying at Aizu in Fukushima prefecture, working together with makers and craftsmen of lacquerware.

In Kyoto, Maryam Kordbacheh and Yoshida Shingi Shozoku will be busy creating something exciting and fresh, opening new possibilities for the priest’s costumes.

And in Shimane prefecture, Jonas Althaus is having an exciting introduction to Sekishu papermaking. Getting to know the history and all the processes of papermaking is important to further develop his idea.

Sekishu Kagura, a type of Shinto theatrical dance is still very popular in this area and an important element to understand Sekishu paper. In Sekishu Kagura paper masks are used for its performance which resulted in the development of creating a thicker and stronger paper.