MJ AIR Public presentation by finalists

Presentation by finalists

Date & Time : February 1 (Fri) 13:00 - 15:30
Location : Lloyd Zaal

The ten finalists of the MJ AIR programme will give a public presentation during MONO JAPAN.
They will introduce themselves, and present their plans and idea for this programme.
The final decision of the winners will be based on these presentations, with studio INAMATT, Studio Samira Boon, Ryutaro Yoshida (TIME & STYLE) and Emiko Chujo (Director of MONO JAPAN) acting as the jury.
Following the MONO JAPAN 2019’s theme ‘GET INVOLVED!’, the visitors will also have a opportunity to vote for the final selection during MONO JAPAN 2019.

List of the finalists:

(Urushi lacquerware)
Adelaide Lala Tam
Marlou Rutten
Pao Hui Kao
Tijmen Smeulders

(Washi paper)
Alan Nguyen / Enrica Masi
Jonas Althaus
Sofie Leenen

(Shinto priest uniform)
Maryam Kordbacheh
Sarah van der Wilk
Ting Gong

More details, please check our MJ AIR page