MONO JAPAN produced Floriade - Japan Pavilion Official Shop

MONO JAPAN produced the shop space of Japan Pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere, the Netherlands. 
Similar to our annual event in Amsterdam, we are inviting Japanese brands to promote their products and sell directly to the visitors and join this unique opportunity.

Come and visit us during the Floriade Expo 2022 starting from  April 14, 2022 to October 9, 2022!

Take a look at the  participating Japanese Brands and Makers 
Don't miss this unique opportunity to see and buy the actual products in the shop!


About Floriade Expo
Floriade Expo 2022 is the international horticultural exhibition that will take place in Almere for half a year starting April 14, 2022.
During Floriade you can see Dutch horticulture exhibitors, national and international exhibitors and examples that make our cities more fun, livable and sustainable.
It is a celebration of horticulture solutions and sustainable technology for the future.

Floriade Expo 2022 Official Japan Pavilion Website (EN/JP)

Floriade Expo 2022 Official Website (EN/NL)