Bas Kosters x MONO JAPAN


"Kokoro Tomodachi" by Bas Kosters


Come and join Bas Kosters at Platform 4!

Bas Kosters is setting sail to Japan where his inspiration for this project lies.
Under the theme "Get involved!", MONO JAPAN has invited him to transform his love for Japan into a MONO (Japanese for 'object'). If you're sad or alone an object can give you hope and comfort. 

For "Get involved!" Bas has designed a portable little heart to take with you everywhere you go. On a trip for example, or as a memory of somebody who departed on their last journey.
These handmade "Kokoro Tomadachi" hearts are made of old kimono fabrics and will be exhibited exclusively at MONO JAPAN!

Bas wants to put these fabrics into a spotlight since the Japanese textiles keep disappearing into the background. By up-cycling these fabrics into valuable objects, these old textiles get the attention and love they earn. The proceeds will go to preventing loneliness amongst the elderly.