From December 2020, MONO JAPAN will launch a new opportunity to connect you to the Japanese craftsmanship and design through a new online event, MONO MONTHLY, which will be held online every month.

The MONO MONTHLY event is held virtually, making it possible to introduce you the carefully curated selection of high-quality Japanese products and makers even during this pandemic. 

Sustainable Japanese products to the world

This is an online pre-order event where you can order selected Japanese products recommended by the manufacturer themselves at our special website. We are creating a sustainable system that prevents surplus production and unsold products because each production takes place only after receiving an order and payment, and are shipped to the Netherlands. The delivery time is estimated to take about 3months after the pre-order.

Know more about the stories behind the product

MONO JAPAN introduces one specific manufacturer every month during this pre-order online event. Unlike a large exhibition where many manufacturers gather, we are creating an opportunity to highlight one special maker.



From December 4th to 20th, we will offer you the opportunity to see & pre-order the newest (2021 SS) collection of POLS online!!

POLS has exhibited at MONO JAPAN 2019. It is a textile brand that Maruman, a 115-year-old yarn-dyed weaving manufacturing and trading firm (Nishiwaki City, Hyogo), launched in 2015. Sending pleasures and fun of textiles itself, they emphasize on fashion items woven in Jacquard style. 

More information will follow in the coming days on our website!

MONO MONTHLY how it works


STEP 1.  Pre-order online - each month, limited duration
From December 4th-20th, 2020 you will see the collection of POLS in our webshop. If you find something that you want to purchase, press the ORDER button. You will need to pay the amount mentioned on the checkout page. The price includes all import costs from Japan. When you checkout the shopping cart, the shipping cost from MONO JAPAN (Netherlands) to your address will appear.

The payment confirms that you have made the pre-order for your desired item.
Don't forget to read through the terms & conditions before your purchase!

STEP 2.  Your pre-orders are sent to POLS
MONO JAPAN sends all the pre-ordered items from the event to POLS. In Japan, they will start their production of the items.

STEP 3.  Shipment of all POLS (JP) items to MONO JAPAN (NL)
POLS will send all the items to MONO JAPAN in the Netherlands around March 2021. MONO JAPAN will send emails to all customers of the expected arrival. If there are any delays or changes in delivery, we will notify you directly.

STEP 4.  Delivery to you!
MONO JAPAN will carefully make the shipping to you. You will receive your special pre-order item from POLS 2021 SS, which is not sold anywhere else in Europe!