MONO JAPAN is an organization that promotes collaborations between Dutch artists/designers and Japanese crafts specialists. MONO JAPAN further introduces modern Japanese artisanal design to the Dutch market. Its activities consist of organizing a yearly artisanal design fair from products of Japanese craftspeople and small companies and holding workshops with visiting craftspeople.

In the spring of 2019 it ran its first artist in residence program, MJ AIR. You can read the result of the project here.

Stichting MONO JAPAN now relies on a well-established network in the Dutch creative industry, as well as on a growing number of Japanese craftspeople and small companies who make original, high-quality products. The forte of MONO JAPAN is to bring original Japanese craftworks to the Netherlands while simultaneously creating opportunities for ‘bilateral’ collaborations. It now looks back on five years of experience in which Dutch designers have profited from Japanese craftsmanship as reflected in their most recent work. Stichting MONO JAPAN wants to continue this process of enriching the Dutch creative industry with the highly esteemed craftsmanship from Japan.

Our Vision
MONO JAPAN connects the cultural sectors in Japan and Europe through the celebration of contemporary craft and design.

Our Mission
MONO JAPAN facilitates the discovery of authentic Japanese crafts and design in Europe through the creation of a fair business model that enables craftspeople and their techniques to survive.




MONO & TALKS features work by:
Chikara Kojima, Jonas Althaus, Kao Pao Hui, Maryam Kordbacheh, Paul Beumer, Sekibi Kodo, Sekishu Washi Kubota & Nishida Washi Studio, Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, Toshihiko Nishida, Yoshida Shingi Shozoku, Yukihito Kanai

Project Management and Curation Emiko Chujo | Public Programs Manager Emiko Chujo | Program Coordinator Mariko Kuwahara, Yuka Nishida | Public Programs Moderator Yuka Nishida | Exhibition Design Emi Tsutsushio | Exhibition Stand Design Werkplaatssessies | Production Manager Sae Honda | Production Yasushi Oikawa | Graphic Design Masaya Takeda | Editorial Emi Tsutsushio, Karin Kuwahara | Website Development WAEB | Finance Hanako Matsunaga



BCXSY Kumi Hiroi Makiko Shinoda, Emilie Pallard, Niels Heymans

Supported by

Kingdom of the Netherlands Stimuleringsfonds

Special Thanks

Our profound gratitude to the many people who helped us realise our AIR programs.

Bas Valckx (Embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands, Press & Cultural Officer), Daan Kok (Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen), INAMATT, Judith Stalpers, Ryutaro Yoshida (TIME & STYLE), Sae Honda, Sabine Gimbrere (City of Amsterdam, International Office), Samira Boon, Shinya Kobayashi (Coelacanth Shokudo / MUJUN), Toshihiko Nishida (Research & Consulting of Regional Science Co., Ltd).