To allow as many Japanese makers to participate as possible, we are introducing the 'MJ Market' for the first time during the fourth MONO JAPAN. Small but special booths will be lined up, market-style, for you to browse. 




kapoc is a company that has been making kappogi, a type of Japanese apron, for over 60 years. Kappogi are loved in Japan and are often favoured over ordinary aprons, since they fully protect your clothes from getting wet or dirty and also keep you warm. Having been around for so long, there is a lot of accumulated wisdom in kappogi!

However, the number of people wearing them is now declining, and because kapoc would love this traditional clothing to survive, they make kappogi that are suited to today’s modern lifestyles. The material is 100% linen and it is woven, dyed and finished in Japan. It’s extremely comfortable and a very versatile garment — you can also wear it back to front like a coat!