Participating Exhibitor at TIME & STYLE Amsterdam // MJ SATELLITE VENUE

Fukumono Shop

Fukumono Shop

Ceramics, Kitchenware, Lifestyle products, Washi paper

The director of Fukumono Shop is product designer Kenichi Kojima, who uses wonderful techniques from regional Kyushu to design and develop new products. With the eye of a designer, he also sources attractive tools and products made by craftspeople in Fukuoka and the rest of Kyushu that can be used in modern lifestyles.

However, rather than just selecting tools that have a beautiful form, he searches for things that become even more attractive with age and use.

Fukumono Shop will be exhibiting products that they’re proud of, including the products that the Fukumono Shop designed and produced using traditional techniques from the north of Kyushu. This time, they’ll be bringing handmade paper from Naowashi, wooden tools from Mihataya, and ceramics from both Onimaru Setsuzan Kamamoto and Utsuwa to Design, in very different styles.