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Aizu is located three hours northeast of Tokyo by train. Known as the birthplace of the Bushido spiritual code, Aizu has been a crossroads where people and culture have connected in the flow of time for 10,000 years. There isn’t a person in Japan who hasn’t heard the name of Aizu.

Colored by the rich natural beauty of four seasons, this is where the technique for producing lacquer from lacquer trees was cultivated for thousands of years. In fact, Aizu lacquerware is counted among the best lacquerware in Japan.

In addition to lacquer, local technologies used in textiles such as cotton have been passed down for over 400 years. Modernization came late to Aizu allowing these ancient techniques to be maintained to this day.
Aizu Creative Japan is creating products for everyone by adapting the living culture and technologies of the region’s past to the present era.


About the brand

We are currently introducing three brands: Bitowa from Aizu, Nodate and Yamappakama. 
Each of these contemporary products draw upon the excellent handicraft traditions of Aizu craftsmen.

Bitowa is a sophisticated Aizu lacquerware brand founded in 2005. The origin of Aizu lacquer—the very lacquer itself—has been reimagined, combining the original material with unique additions of glass and porcelain in just the right places. Bitowa aims for wordly, universal beauty that is not beholden to traditional Japanese aesthetic rules. Japanese product designer Kanae Tsukamoto offers us items with Japanese ‘hospitality style’. The collection consists of everyday items such as: tea set container, sake and tea pot, and glass vase, and more. Perfect for hosting beautiful Japanese-style tea ceremonies and banquets.

Nodate was founded in 2010 as an Aizu lacquerware brand ‘for the field’. In ten short years the producer has proven that wood and lacquer are a perfect match as tools for outdoor play. The catchphrase ‘No ni urushi’ meaning ‘lacquer for the field’ has guided this development of casual lacquerware for outdoor play and everyday use. Nodate items offer a stylish touch to outdoor festivals, mountain climbing excursions, and picnics.

Yamappakama began in 2017 as a workwear brand utilizing the textiles of Aizu and Fukushima. Their work clothes are sewn using Aizu’s unique patchwork patterns which have remained unchanged for over 400 years. These items are made with traditional Japanese sashiko embroidery and Aizu cotton. Both stylish and functional.


Pre-Order : One and Only Opportunity

The items are only made available through pre-order.
Most of the products are made after your pre-order purchase. It also means that this is the only opportunity that you can buy the featured products online.

Please note that the expected delivery time is longer due to this sustainable way of ordering and production. Expected delivery time is end february to 3 months depending on your pre-ordered item. Mono Shop will email you the information regarding the expected delivery date.

Starting from Jan.12th to Jan.26th, 2021 


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Natural lacquer from Aizu
Natural lacquer from Aizu
BITOWA FROM AIZU, lacquerware products. Tea set container, cups, plates and tea pot (left to right).
BITOWA FROM AIZU, lacquerware products. Tea set container, cups, plates and tea pot (left to right).
NODATE one, lacquered in sumi black. Perfect for Matcha tea bowl. (product on the right)
NODATE one, lacquered in sumi black. Perfect for Matcha tea bowl. (product on the right)

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