MONO JAPAN Foundation

Since 2016, MONO JAPAN has been hosting an annual exhibition and sales event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to introduce high-quality Japanese products to European audiences.

Through our activities over the years, we have been able to introduce many aspects of Japan’s craftsmanship and culture of manufacturing across wider audiences and in more depth, while simultaneously bridging this Japanese culture with Europe's unique design culture, creating significant international relationships.

In order to continue realizing our vision and to continue our operations, in November 2019 we registered Stichting MONO JAPAN, a non-profit foundation. Moving forward, as a cultural organization we aim to facilitate not only business opportunities but also creative and culturally-driven opportunities in the modern era. 

The Board of Directors consists of five experts based in the Netherlands who are passionate about Japanese culture and aesthetics, and strive to promote these values in their respective fields.

Board members

Arnoud van Aalst

Museum Director, consultant

Arnoud van Aalst, MSc (The Hague, Netherlands) is Museum Director (Museum Rijswijk), consultant and Strengths Coach.

He is specialized in the development of new (exhibition) concepts and strategies for cultural organizations and individual artists, wherein identity and branding play a central role. 

Board members

Emiko Chujo

Founder & director of MONO JAPAN

Emiko Chujo is the founder and the director of MONO JAPAN event. Since 2001, she started to organize some cultural events, gradually she built her career as the event organizer. She worked as a graphic designer at advertisement agencies in Amsterdam and Osaka.

Board members

Erik Van der Molen


Erik van der Molen is Japanologist and lecturer International Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Previously he worked as policy officer for Press & Cultural Affairs at the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo, and lived and worked in Asia for close to 15 years.

Board members

Hanako Matsunaga

Director of TAKUMI Craftworks, MJ team

Hanako Matsunaga is the owner of TAKUMI Craftworks, importing Japanese cermics, specialized in Donabe (hotpots) and teawares since 2011.

She takes parts in MONO JAPAN as the customer relation, and giving big inspirations to the MONO JAPAN events from her big interests of art and culture, food.

Board members

Monique Zevenhuizen

Art director of JAN and JAN Living magazine

Monique Zevenhuizen studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the HKU.

She has been working as art director for magazines since, including interior design magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur.

At this moment she is art director of the Dutch magazines JAN and JAN Living.