In Praise of Shadows

In Praise of Shadows



seitaro design

Seitaro Yamazaki
Seitaro Yamazaki

About the Exhibitor

The graphic installation “In Praise of Shadows” is a project created by art director Seitaro Yamazaki and designer Seita Kobayashi. The two created an installation that embodies the possibility of experimental expression using typography in combination with the Japanese minimalistic sense of beauty. This installation is an exalted form of this combination. Graphic expression as the starting point, the duo expands their concept to spatial and product design, staying open to the unexpectedness of their evolving two-dimensional creation.

About the products

The installation “In the praise of Shadows” is a poster consisting of cut out shapes of a delicate washi paper. Only when the poster is lit from behind, the shapes of the letters will appear. Without the fixating means of printing, these cut out letters float and are able to move half melted in the air. The dimness of the space makes the outlines of the fleeting letters even obscurer, letting the story of these alluring letters emerge.

Exhibition Design: Seitaro Yamazaki
Text: Seitaro Yamazaki
Graphic Design: Seitaro Yamazaki, Seita Kobayashi
Photography: Akihiro Kawauchi
Music: Takahisa Mitsumori (mergrim)
Incense: Kogado co.,ltd